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Edgy Veggies NFT Collection

Edgy Veggies is a collection of randomly generated NFT Veggies on the Polygon blockchain available at Opensea. It is the gaming project collection. Each Edgy Veggie holder receives next in-game perks: Warehouse capacity: +20%, Plots:+6, Crops grow time: -20%, Mining: +20%. The Polygon allows minting and buying NFT's with zero gas-fee payment. All of the 1000 veggies are unique 1:1 editions. None will ever be minted again.

Edgy Veggies is an original collection. Each Veggie is randomly assembled from carefully handcrafted options. There are different veggie types, faces, emotions and accessories. 


There is different rarity of traits. For example, eyewear 4 is extremely rare, 5 is rare too. You are welcome to use filters during Edgy Veggies collection browsing at opensea.  

4 Seasons special

4 Seasons special edition are 4 items. Each item represents Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter respectfully. They will be dropped for .05eth price.


Each Edgy Veggie holder receives a pass to The-Garden-House - members-only space in discord where members are able to influence upcoming Veggies Farm game. On top of that - constant perks in the game!

Veggies types

There is a Pepper, Cabbage, Cucumber, Tomato and "Not-A-Vegetable" Lemon available on opensea. You are welcome to share your thoughts about your favorite veg on our Twitter


1-100 ( .001eth - .01 eth)

100-300 (.01eth - 0.05eth)

300+ (.05eth and up)

Find your favorite one on

Veggies Games

We are working on a blockchain -based Veggies Farm game. Early preview release is already available for holders. Learn more at Veggies NFT game page.    

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