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Edgy Veggies Roadmap

Here is the goals list. We will start to work on next goal once previous has been completed. We're sure that the goals we've set will be achieved soon. Don't hesitate to share your feedback about roadmap with us, especially if you are a Edgy Veggie holder. We consider any feedback as a value, and really hope to get some. The next big milestone is to release the game Alpha to limited public.

Edgy Veggies NFT


List first 100 Edgy Veggies

Listing of 100 first Edgy Veggies on OpenSea. This time we decided to choose Polygon Chain in order to not deal with the gas fees, which frequently causes problems for collections from "not-yet-known-and-famous" artists.


List some "4seasons" specials

There is a special series of Edgy Veggies called "4 seasons". The items will be dedicated to "Autumn", "Winter", "Spring" and "Summer". All 4 are listed. Enjoy it on Opensea! All 4 items listed for .05eth.

Edgy Veggies NFT 4 Seasons special


Develop a Veggies Farm sim NFT game

Veggies Farm game is currently in development. You are welcome to join our discord in order to constantly receive latest updates and be able to influence game dev process as a veggie holder! Each Edgy Veggie holder will have constant boosters in upcoming Edgy Veggies Farm game.


Engagement activities

This is ongoing activity, which will be performed from time to time. This includes giveaways, contests and more. Follow our social media and join our discord and telegram chat to learn about current giveaways, contests and other project updates.

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