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Piggish Pigs NFT Collection

Piggish Pigs are a collection of randomly generated NFT pigs on the Ethereum blockchain available at Opensea. There are 3600 unique pigs, none of them are the same. They are randomly assembled from carefully handcrafted options. Piggish Pigs have different faces, colors, hairstyles and accessories - all of them are a bit piggish, most of them are common, some of them are rare, a fraction of them is epic. There are 2% of resell royalties for this collection. We plan to share half of it between all our community members - each Piggish Pig holder will constantly receive proportional royalties share. 


There are common, rare and epic NFT pigs generated. They are easily distinguished by background color. You can also use filters during Piggish Pigs collection browsing at opensea.  


NFT Piggish Pigs has numerous accessories which could complement the image of cutest pig in the world. 


For first 1000 listed pigs: common pigs are priced 0.01ETH, rare are 0.02, epic pigs cost 0.06. So the price depends on rarity of particular item. Find your favorite one on

Free pigs available!

We decided to drop limited amount of free pigs!  NFT Pigs #10-#109 are now listed with fixed price of 0 ETH. All pigs are different rarity and have different accessories there's a chance to have epic one for free. Just go to Opensea and and pick your favorite one. There's no time limit but we will definitely run out of free ones some day, so make sure to grab yours at opensea!

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