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Piggish Roadmap

Here are the goals we've put for ourselves. We usually start to work on next goal once previous has been completed. We're sure that all the goals are cool and will be achieved soon. Don't hesitate to share your feedback about roadmap with us, especially if you are a Piggish Pig holder. 


01, done

List first 500 Piggish Pigs, 100 of them for free

In order to gain wider community we decided to list 100 pigs for free. We hope that it will help to gain additional members to our community faster.


List 1k pigs 

When first 500 pigs will find an owners we will list additional 500 pigs. After 1k pigs listed we will make additional drops from time till the last one will be listed. The dates and amounts of drops are TBD. 



Develop a hustle - free way to share the royalties

As you may know, the Piggish Pigs collection has resell royalties of 2%. And we plan to share half of it between all our community members. The idea is to develop a hustle-free way of doing that. 


Engagement activities

This is ongoing activity, which will be performed from time to time. This includes giveaways, contests and more. Follow our social media and join our discord and telegram chat to learn about current giveaways, contests and other project updates.

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