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How I Created NFT Playgrounds - The Ultimate Blockchain Games List and Ranking Platform

Hi everyone! If you forgot - I'm Nftcatchup, a software engineering expert with over 15 years of experience in software development, including more than 10 years in gamedev. In addition, I'm a blockchain expert with 5 years of experience in the field, and I've been an avid gamer for over 25 years. If you still don't know - I am the creator of Veggies Farm NFT game, a popular P2E game on the Polygon chain. I'd like to talk about my latest project, NFT Playgrounds, today. Its a blockchain games list and rating website/platform that also features all the latest blockchain gaming news and free blockchain games-related NFTs/Tokens airdrops.

Working on NFT Playgrounds

Recent News

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted new content in a while, and that's because I've been busy working on Veggies Farm and NFT Playgrounds. I'm proud to say that Veggies Farm has almost 5,000 players with passes already (and 11k players in total), and it's a progress I achieved during my time offline from posting. Veggies Farm is the best farming NFT Game at the moment, prove me wrong (c) :)

General info about NFT Playgrounds

Now, let's talk about NFT Playgrounds. I'd like to explain you what it is, how it works and its main features. Decided to share it because I believe that we've made a really great project in the end of the road. We launched the website on March 1st, and since then, we've added about 300 new games to our list. In just two weeks, we've had 500 visitors to NFT Playgrounds, producing 5.5k page views, and around 200 players have subscribed to our mailing list and airdrops delivery service. It's been a great start, and we're excited to see the platform grow.

Main Features

PG Score

One of the main features of NFT Playgrounds is the Playgrounds Score (PG Score) system, which evaluates the overall quality and performance of each blockchain game on the platform. The PG Score takes into account various factors such as user engagement, fan base and game's social activity, voting for the game on NFT Playgrounds, and overall user experience. Each game in the list is assigned a PG Score, which ranges from 0 to 100. Games with a higher PG Score are considered to be of higher quality and offer a better overall user experience. The Playgrounds Score is automatically updated every day.

Airdrops Delivery Service

In addition to the game list and ranking system, there's also an Airdrop Delivery Service, which allows users to subscribe to NFT Playgrounds latest news and receive notifications on upcoming airdrops. I believe this is a great way to stay updated on the latest blockchain games and opportunities for free NFTs/tokens.

Videos about blockchain gaming
Playgrounds YT Channel

I've also recently launched a YouTube channel for NFT Playgrounds, with blockchain-related videos and our Blockchain Gaming News Recap show.

You can find the first five episodes of the show are already live on the channel, still have to work on more views, but I believe the content is great and people love it!

Analysis articles

I've also written a series of analysis posts on the state of gaming on blockchain, new technologies, successful and failed projects, and the reasons why they failed. Doing that from time to time in order to bring a bit of valuable content to NFT Playgrounds visitors. Here are couple of posts examples:

  • Blockchain RPGs: The Future of Gaming

  • Game Tokens: A Blockchain-Based Gaming Currency

  • Metaverse Games: A New Era of Gaming

  • Blur vs. OpenSea: The Battle for NFT Market Dominance Through Creator Royalties

  • Miners Zone: A Cautionary Tale in the Play-to-Earn Space

  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo Enters the Sandbox Metaverse: A Look into the World of Blockchain Gaming

As you can see, the insights and updates on the blockchain gaming industry that are published are really interesting. You are welcome to check it and much more posts and news. I am constantly adding them to NFT Playgrounds blockchain gaming news section.

Some Challenges I've faced

Developing NFT Playgrounds has been a challenging but rewarding experience. One of the biggest challenges I faced was optimizing the mobile version of the platform's performance. I used several tricks, such as converting images to .webp format, optimizing custom fonts, and page rendering order. I'm proud to say that I achieved great results, and the homepage of NFT Playgrounds loads in under 1.5 seconds on my phone using my local 3G provider.

In conclusion...

It really took a huge amount of time and efforts to launch such a project, as NFT Playgrounds, but we managed to deliver a great product, and I really see a bright future for it. Taking into account constant GameFi sector growth, and continuous interest in Web3 from big players, I believe the project will grow exponentially, and by providing its great features to audience, it will be one of the top blockchain - related resources, standing in one line with DappRadar and CoinGecko.

Thank you for taking the time to read about NFT Playgrounds, and I really hope you enjoy the site. Remember, our slogan is "Changing the game, one NFT at a time."

Best regards and hope to write on some interesting topic again soon!

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