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2.5k+ on twitter, 2.3k+ on Instagram and other updates

We've recently hit 2.5k+ followers on Twitter! I believe that's a nice progress and very important step in the Piggish Pigs project development.

In addition to that, our Instagram audience is currently 2.3k+ of people. Fantastic progress for such a short period of time. We will try to use some advertisement services for twitter and Instagram, and will post a progress here for sure. I really believe it could be important information for some people.

The next update is our Discord server. Yep, we just created one. Handling all the different social networks and communication channels takes time, but everyone I've spoke to insisted that there could be literally no NFT community without discord.

Another twitter giveaway was made, and we sincerely congratulate our winner - @willbron from twitter. This time it hasn't took much time to find a winner and send Piggish Pig NFT.

We also sold couple of pigs in between current update post and previous one.

Not much news other than that to be honest, so goodbye until next post!

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