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Edgy Veggies mini-game released, other updates

Well, its been a while and I have many interesting news to tell.

First of all - we've just released an alpha version of first Edgy Veggies minigame, it is available on this website in Edgy Veggies section and also by clicking the link:

We decided to make "Play to earn giveaway" on twitter just after release. The rules were simple: the one who scores the most receives a free Edgy Veggie. More then 100 people took a part, so I consider it as a success story. In the end 3 winners received their veggies. the top score was 4.3k+, which is amazing.

In addition to that, we finally created "The-Garden-House" channel for Veggies holders in discord. Several people joined so far and the process is ongoing. There is also a progress on big Edgy Veggies NFT game, so the game is the major topic to be discussed on those channel.

Finally, a couple words in regards to overall collection activity and sales. There are 35 Edgy Veggies NFT holders at the moment. The sells are happening almost every day. The floor price raised for about 400% since the day collection has been launched. We all consider it as "not-so-bad" results. Really hope to share more news about upcoming NFT game in the next post.

Wish everyone who read the post till this point a good day) Cheers!

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