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Introducing "Edgy Veggies" collection

Edgy Veggies is a collection of randomly generated NFT Veggies on the Polygon blockchain available at OpenSea. This time we decided to use Polygon in order to deal with high gas fees.

There are 1000 unique veggies created.

All of the 1000 veggies are unique 1:1 editions. None will ever be minted again.

The collection has been launched on 27th of September. There are 13 sales at the moment, 2 days from listing first veggie on OpenSea. Please don't hesitate to check the collection and share your feedback, we will be happy to receive any.

We did reddit giveaway on the day of collection start ( ), about 200 redditors applied, and we already have 3 winners. We would like to congratulate winners once again! looking forward for next activities!

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