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Veggies NFT collection progress and more

Edgy Veggies NFT

Just wanted to share some news here. Veggies NFT collection progressing good. Started 1 month ago, the current stats are: 68 owners, .2eth traded, .007 floor price. First drop is totally sold-out, as a big part of second drop. The work on Veggies Farm NFT Game is in progress. Currently working on seeding and harvesting mechanics. Base game objects, such as the house, marketplace, warehouse and windmill are implemented. Some amount of plants to grow are in design phase. Our discord members base growing too, and I constantly share the game development progress there, so I believe its the most interesting time to join, as there's a constant ability to influence the game development, its design and features.

Constantly hearing "how to gift an NFT" question in real life. So decided to write simple manual and posted it on this website. Hope it will help people on their not-so-easy way to present an NFT to their friends or family.

There's not much news other than that TBH. ETH gas price is crazy later times so I'm pretty happy about the fact that Polygon MATIC chain has been chosen for Edgy Veggies NFT collection.

Hope to bring more good news soon, cheers!

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