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Reddit Giveaway, 1000+ Instagram followers, 2 new "sales"

We decided to try Reddit as a platform for spreading a word about our Piggish Pigs collection and created a giveaway post. The rules are to get 100 upvotes there though. Almost 24 hours passed and we still have only 36 upvotes, but seems people like our collection, which is a good sign. If someone accidentally hears about the giveaway first time - you are more then welcome to jump in, here's the link:

On top of that I would like to congratulate new owners of pigs #10 and #16, which have been picked up on Opensea for the price of ETH0 today. Welcome to the club new members!

And last but not least - we've recently hit 1k subs on Instagram! I really hope that we will continue to grow our audience that fast, so it will be easier to spread some nice news about collection that are coming.

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